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A bit about Tanya... 


Guest speaker, Event presenter, Spice Queen Tanya Carneiro


From the age of 3, before I could even walk or talk – I have been mastering seafood & cooking regional Indian cuisine under my Grandmother’s wing.

Nana Lucy was a famous cook in her coastal town, having people come from far and wide to taste her signature cuisine, my family jewel passed down from generations ago– true Portuguese Indian food. 

I proudly created Heavenly Morsel Cooking Classes Melbourne, with the vision of bringing authentic regional Indian cooking into the spotlight, through spectacular luxurious class settings where one can relax & be taken on a mouthwatering culinary journey that awakens all 5 senses.
After dining at countless Indian restaurants & attending numerous “Indian” cooking classes in Australia, I have been greatly disappointed at what was served/ taught because there was no authenticity or delicious showcasing of the cuisine!

I could not believe how wrong this was.

Thus, I have come to realize that educating people on how to cook genuine sumptuous Indian food, the way you would find in Indian homes – has become a life goal. 
Teaching cookery is a passion of mine, which over time has just grown.

The immense satisfaction I get when I see my students have a lightbulb moment & see how proud they are of what they cook, is like no other feeling in this world. 

Almost everything you learn at my bespoke classes are treasured family recipes which have been passed down to me through my grandmother & mother – recipes that you will never find anywhere.

No other class will teach you what Heavenly Morsel can, or provide the exquisite high value experience - so join us & see just how spectacular Authentic Regional Indian Cooking truly is.

A Heavenly Morsel Class provides recipes that will last forever  &  memorable dinners for years to come.

Mouthwatering food, fine wines, cooking with a view & new friends await you at Heavenly Morsel Cooking Classes.

Classes Run Weekends (However weekdays Available for Private Group Bookings)

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vegan indian cooking class melbourne 
indian cooking class melbourne 
vegan cooking class melbourne 
indian cooking class melbourne 

This includes dietary issues such as gluten free, coeliac, fructose intolerance, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, nut allergies, etc.    If you have any queries about  dietary issues or intolerances please contact us directly to enquire before booking. 
A warm environment with a great knowledge of Indian cooking. Absolutely 1000 times better than your regular Indian takeaway restaurants!
Heavenly Morsel Cooking Classes in Melbourne has a range of cooking classes available across many global cultures and themes. Group and individual cooking classes available.
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Best Range of Online & Hands-On Classes. We have so many different cooking courses both online and hands-on on offer throughout the year. The majority of the dishes in these classes will either be vegan or have vegan replacements. All of these are of course Vegetarian too!
Explore India with it's most famous Indian dishes. Robust and packed with flavour in this Indian Cooking Classes in Melbourne.
Cooking Classes in Bentleigh, Melbourne. Heavenly Morsel Cooking Classes - Indian Cooking Class. Join us for a class on Indian Home Cooking.
Indian Cooking Classes ... Indian curry night online masterclass. $89.00. More Info. Weekday (day)
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