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School Holiday Cooking Classes  
for Kids & Teens in Melbourne

 Kids & Teens Cooking Course in Melbourne, Australia

The PERFECT cooking class for kids and teenagers
who have a passion for cooking and delicious food. Choose from 3 mouthwatering cuisines. 

Have an aspiring chef at home? This all inclusive in-person cooking class will teach them invaluable life skills whilst having a bunch of fun. They will learn to cook an array of simple, delicious & nutritious recipes that they'll love to replicate again & again.

This yummy class is a unique cooking experience for teens + kids. The kids will be engaged through the cooking session with Melbourne's Spice Queen. They will work through the recipes with Heavenly Morsel's guidance step by step. The dishes are achievable & rewarding and will help the kids to become confident cooks.

With school holidays around the corner, it is an ideal way to contribute to the household & feel excited about cooking achievements & sharing with the family. 

But most importantly, they will have FUN!


Let’s keep cooking together & create food that can be practiced and enjoyed with our families in a time where being at home can be a fulfilling and nourishing experience.

Whether it be a school holiday activity, or a weekend activity - this is THE class for teens!

Class Dates: 

Contact us for next dates.

To choose your own date please contact us 

Class Location: Bentleigh | Bentleigh East

Menu items vary to the group's age level

Choose from Mediterranean | Indian | Asian Fusion Cuisines 

Sample Class Items (Choose from 100+ options): 
1.Celebration Rice Pilaf
2.Mediterranean Style Meatballs 
3.Chicken and Sweet Potato Coconut Curry
4.Cheesy Shallot Garlic Bread 

5. Range of Pasta Dishes + Sides

6.Potato and Paneer Puffs with Nigella Seed

To discuss various menus please contact us.

Menu customisable to suit all allergies & intolerances.

Class Inclusions:

-3 hour expert tuition, knowledge sharing & guidance
-Mouthwatering recipes that aren't the regular taught "kids food"
-Exquisite Lunch/Dinner to take home 
-Fresh grazing board complimentary
-Beverages complimentary 

-Fresh Dessert complimentary
-Highest quality Free Range/ Organic produce
-Private intimate size classes for high engagement
-Apron & Recipe Card Packs Provided
-Quality Takeaway Containers + Carry Bag
-Bonus Extras for Special Occasions (Compliments of HM)

Cost: $140 per guest

Grab your friends & get cooking!


Teen Cooking Classes Melbourne 

Teens Cooking Classes Melbourne 

Teenage Cooking Classes Melbourne 

Kids Cooking Classes Melbourne 

School Holiday Activities Melbourne 


Great news for all families who love to cook.

Kids Pantry is running our regular fun-filled cooking  programs...the only difference is that we will be online in your kitchen instead of ours. 

The Best Online Cooking Classes for Kids of 2021.Kids Love to Cook is a mobile cooking school offering cooking classes, school incursions, shopping centre activations, birthday parties and cooking events. Our Kid Cooking Classes are fun and educational - parents, guardians, and grandparents can join the class. kids cooking classes online australia


This Zoom  class is a unique online cooking class for kids. The kids and teenagers will be engaged through the live cooking session with the lively presenter, Tanya Carneiro.Melbourne Australia based 
We  teach kids how to cook through engaging video lessons! Our online cooking class curriculum will build more than just life skills


Go to the website and book and pay for the sessions you would like to join.

We will email you the ZOOM link as well as additional instructions and the recipes & equipment lists as soon as you have paid for your session. Don’t leave it too late so you have plenty of time to organise your ingredients.

Make sure you have your equipment, ingredients and printed recipe all ready to go well before the class starts.

5-10 minutes before your online program, set up your click computer or iPad or phone in a handy spot so I can see you and you can see the screen easily. Click on the link to the ZOOM meeting that you have been emailed and we will say hi and make sure you have everything organised before starting the session.

You will need a reliable internet connection.

The Kids and Teens will be cooking one delicious family dinner tonight .

We are delighted to welcome you to a Heavenly Morsel virtual cooking class that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world from the comforts of your home kitchen.

There will be no need for parents to think about ‘what’s for dinner?’ tonight. Let’s reduce that mental load. This class has everything taken care of.

Join Tanya Carneiro as she guides and provides all students to create really nutritious and delicious lunch or dinner.

In this class, kids & teens (or the whole family can join in) will be hands-on preparing and cooking all meal components and will enjoy feasting on the fruits of their labour!

At Heavenly Morsel, we believe that coming together to share a meal is one of life’s greatest joys. It’s the time when we slow down a little & share ourselves with the people who really matter the most to us. A family cooking class online.

ndian food expert, cook and culinary historian, Tanya Carneiro, invites foodies for an online or hands-on, informative and delicious class on Indian cooking using seasonal vegetables.

If you are someone who loves ordering a curry, fancy cooking it or just enjoy eating delicious, authentic and hearty Indian food, then this class is made for you!

In this two-and-a-half-hour cooking class, you will:

  • Learn about “Spices 1, 2, 3” - a valuable rundown on spices you need to cook authentic Indian food and where to find them.

  • Practice Indian cooking techniques and learn tips and tricks;

  • All about Dahl / Dal / Daal - Lentils & how to cook them

  • Enjoy eating one of the best cooked at-home Indian Feast ever!

After the class, you will come away with knowledge on how to easily prepare your authentic and delicious Indian curries, Daals, and meat-based dishes. We hope this will then motivate you to add wholesome, healthy Indian way of cooking to your home-cooked, fresh meals.

This class will also give you the confidence to be familiar with spices and lentils that you can use when cooking other dishes and cuisine.

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