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Learn to cook authentic restaurant-style Tandoori chicken at this masterclass at our location! Learn from Australia's Best Indian Cooking Class as we fire up the charcoal grill!

Prepare a Tandoori Mixed Grill Platter with an exquisite selection of Grilled Tandoori Chicken, Meat Kebabs, Paneer Tikkas, Mint Chutney, Raita & A Grand Rice Pilaf.

Explore the unique, authentic dishes of regional India at this magnificent culinary experience at our central location !

Heavenly Morsel’s coveted signature tandoori spice blend uses over 15 ingredients and is the real deal & authentic. The secret recipe is yours to have! 

Master the art of spices and Indian cooking with tender meats and spice laced gravies made using our special blend of spices that you will roast and grind yourself.

What’s included: 

-3.5 to 4 Hour Expert Tuition, Knowledge Sharing & Guidance
-Highest Quality Premium ORGANIC Produce Hand Picked (Never Commercial Or Bulk Bought Like Other Businesses)
-A Huge Number Of Unique 6-7 Treasured Authentic Recipes That Are Out Of The Ordinary
-Exquisite Lunch/Dinner To Take Home Worth $100
-Luxury Artisanal Grazing Board Complimentary Worth $200+
-Exquisite Gourmet Beverages Complimentary (Other places you have to purchase)
-Private Intimate 8 Ppl Max Class (Other Classes Have Minimum 10-12 Ppl)
-Luxury Apron & Recipe Card Packs Provided
-Quality Takeaway Containers + Carry Bag
-Pristine Clean Kitchen not commercial warehouse or store front location.  
-Bonus Extras For Special Occasions (Compliments Of HM) 

We have a rotating menu of 100+ mouthwatering authentic dishes.

Please let me know whether you would like a particular ingredient & we will work on a custom menu.

$220 PP In-Person Class 


Master the art of roasting & grinding spices..


The Menu 

Scroll down..and prepare to drool!

Choose from dozens of Tandoori

feast menu options..

The Dates

All prior dates sold out.

Hurry to book your spot.
June 2024

July 2024

August 2024

To choose your own date contact us 


"Tanya's tandoori chicken is one of the greatest dishes you will ever learn how to cook at home. It blows any restaurant version out of the water and to think I can make it whenever I please is just fantastic! Tanya taught me how to roast and grind the spices to perfection.
I have never had chicken so soft and tender - I could eat it with a spoon! There is so much of love and effort that goes into this dish but it's all worth it for the pay off. The spice queen has done it again!".  Shanelle, Melbourne.


Tandoori Menu Options

Important Note - The Tandoori classes have a unique selection of dishes, which differ from our usual menu layout.


Whilst our other class menus feature an even mix of meats / seafood, vegetable, dahls, paneer and rice dishes usually with sauce/gravy bases – the Tandoori class menus focus more on non-sauce based grilled meat & paneer tikkas perfect for summer grilling and BBQs.


Tandoori Class Menu 1st 

-Signature Red Chicken on Coal with Citrus Butter

-Royal Meat Kebab with Lamb or Beef

-Spiced Beetroot Paneer Tikka w/Pomegranate Molasses Reduction

-Christina’s Yellow Dahl

-Mixed Vegetable Rice Pulao

-Paired Tandoori Chutney


-Sarah’s Signature Salad 


Tandoori Class Menu 2nd Timers

-Signature Green Tandoori Chicken Tikka

-Creamy White Chicken & Capsicum Kebabs w/ Malted Vinegar Marinade  

-Jumbo Tiger Prawns with a Herbed Based Golden Tandoori Marinade

-Paneer & Potato Koftas in a Royal Northern Gravy w/ Sultana & Cashew

-Crispy Okra Matchsticks with Green Mango Spice

-Kashmiri Rice Pilaf  

-Kachumber Salad and Raita

Learn The Ultimate Tandoori Chicken in Australia

Learn how to cook Tandoori chicken in Melbourne, Australia by Heavenly Morsel Cooking Classes Melbourne.
Tandoori chicken is a much loved dish in Australia with almost everyone ordering it when at an Indian restaurant!
However, eating out can be costly and unhealthy if done too many times a week.

Restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney are getting pricer by the year!
This is where homemade Tandoori chicken learned at Heavenly Morsel comes in.  
It’s near impossible recreating a restaurant style Tandoori chicken at home because there’s so much that goes into it, including trade secrets which chefs never reveal..

Learn how to choose the best chicken and marry it with the Heavenly Morsel Signature Spice Blend, giving that signature brick red hue NATURALLY, no food colouring.

You will learn one of the greatest Tandoori chicken recipes to exist, and it will be created by you. 

By the end of this class, you will have gained the confidence to throw out those packet / bottled curry sauces and pre-mixes. Even better, you can put away the takeaway menus, save money and create your own Indian cuisine curry nights – free from additives, food colouring, unhealthy fats and nasties!


Please note:

We can cater to different dietary requirements, so please let us know in advance.


We would love for you to capture your experience and share it with the rest of the foodie community on Instagram! Tag @heavenlymorselcookingclasses and I will view it!


Knowledge required:

Beginner-friendly. Perfect for food appreciators to culinary aficionados and everything in between!

Learn to cook authentic Tandoori chicken at this hands-on virtual cooking class! Learn restaurant-style tandoori chicken at home using Zoom.Australia's best online Indian cooking class in Melbourne. The best Tandoori cooking class in Australia. Master the art of Indian cooking online.This is a virtual online cooking class from the comfort of your own home with your friends, family or colleagues. Gift vouchers available .ONLINE INDIAN COOKING WORKSHOPS AUSTRALIA. 


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