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Learn to cook mouthwatering low-fat and low-carb dishes at our Healthy Cooking masterclass at our location or virtually! Learn from Australia's Best Indian Cooking Class and nourish your body.

Prepare a healthy exotic feast with an exquisite selection of meats, vegetables, lentils and more..

If you want to learn how to make sensational, nutritious, natural meals, using minimal carbohydrates and discovering unique exotic vegetables along the way – Heavenly Morsel is the class for you.
Indian food is most popular for its diversity. The exotic variety of foods, spices and mouth-watering dishes that are native to India makes Indian food one of the most wholesome foods in the world.

Spice Kit & Dry Ingredients Box Included for Virtual Classes (Free Shipping Australia Wide!)

A misconception is that Indian food is unhealthy because it is being linked to high sugar, high fat and high carb foods, which can contribute to high cholesterol. 

Unlike Indian restaurant dishes, proper traditional Indian food, is not only healthy, but is also incredibly delicious with a myriad of health benefits. Indian food supports immunity, inflammation, brain function and several other functions in the human body.

What’s included: 

-3 hour expert tuition, knowledge sharing & guidance
-Unique treasured recipes that are priceless 
-Exquisite Lunch/Dinner to take home worth $100 
-Luxury grazing board complimentary
-Beverages complimentary 
-Paired wines complimentary 
-Highest quality Free Range/ Organic produce
-Private intimate 6 ppl max class (other classes have min 8 -10 persons)   
-Apron & Recipe Card Packs Provided
-Quality Takeaway Containers + Carry Bag
-Bonus Extras for Special Occasions (Compliments of HM)

We have a rotating menu of 100+ mouthwatering authentic dishes.

Please let me know whether you would like a particular ingredient & we will work on a custom menu.

$199 PP In-Person Class At Scenic Location

$160 PP | Online Class & Spice Kit + Free Delivery Included.


Master the art of sensational Indian cuisine


The Menu 

All classes include dishes with:

Free Range Meats 

Organic Vegetables 

Premium Lentils 

Rice Pilafs 

Salads & More 

The Dates

Sat 3rd June | Sun 4th June 
Sat 10th June | Sun 11th June 

Sat 17th June | Sun 18th June 

Sat 24th June | Sun 25th June 

To choose your own date contact us 

To choose your own date contact us 


The truth of the matter is, that Indian food has always been nourishing, wholesome and healthy. Cook your food with natural and traditional ingredients and there is probably no food as healthy as Indian food!
Learn how to cook highly nutritious outstanding meals for your family and friends with minimal carbohydrates and fat, without trialling random recipes or spending hours in the kitchen. 


Healthy Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Book a class with us – classes are intimate in size and numbers are limited.
Note: Choose your own date is available for groups of 4+.  Please contact us to inquire.


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