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Melbourne, Australia.

Australia's unmissable, intimate class is paradise for seafood lovers who want to learn how to cook seafood in a show-stopping way.

With over 100+ treasured family dishes, each one extraordinary & utterly unique - you will learn how to choose, prepare and cook with Australia's most expensive, prized prime fruits of the sea.

We only use premium quality, sustainable Australian caught seafood in this Fish Masterclass purchased the night prior to our class NEVER bulk bought. 

Learn how to cook spectacular treasured family recipes from the coastal towns of India at Melbourne's Best Seafood Cooking Class.

Together, I will show you how to cook the spiced seafood of your dreams, at Heavenly Morsel in Melbourne .


Join me on our journey to Seafood Nirvana, as we transform Australia's prized seafood into a spectacular dining experience that you and your guest will never forget. You will not find ordinary or basic dishes here...

Learn to cook seafood in ways you never imagined.  

Unbelievable value, extraordinary cooking & fine seafood galore - you will find this class nothing short of a gold-standard culinary experience.

What's included:

-3.5 Hour Expert Tuition, Knowledge Sharing & Guidance
-Highest Quality Premium ORGANIC Produce Hand Picked (Never Commercial Or Bulk Bought Like Other Businesses) 
-A Huge Number Of Unique 6-7 Treasured Authentic Recipes That Are Out Of The Ordinary
-Exquisite Lunch/Dinner To Take Home Worth $100
-Luxury Artisanal Grazing Board Complimentary Worth $200+
-Exquisite Gourmet Beverages Complimentary
-Paired Wines Complimentary 
-Private Intimate 8 Ppl Max Class (Other Classes Have Minimum 10-12 Ppl)
-Luxury Apron & Recipe Card Packs Provided
-Quality Takeaway Containers + Carry Bag
-Bonus Extras For Special Occasions (Compliments Of HM) 

Sample Menu:

1. Portuguese Indian Fish Fry 2 Ways
2. Coconut Vegetable Stew / Kerala Green Beans
3. South Indian Style Jumbo Prawns
4. Coconut Rice Pulao or Paired Pulao 
5. Sarah's Signature Salad 

6. Accompaniments

We have a rotating menu of 100+ mouthwatering authentic dishes.

Please let me know whether you would like a particular ingredient & we will work on a custom menu.

Dates: (All other dates sold out)

April 27th 2024

Choose your own date available 

The Ultimate Pescatarian Cooking Class.
Cook with Australia's Finest Seafood 


Why take a Heavenly Morsel class?


Seafood Class Gallery 

We are Melbourne's Best Seafood Cooking Class. Here at the Melbourne Seafood Cooking School you will learn to make a range of delicious seafood dishes in this hands on cooking class in Melbourne.

There is seafood..and there is Heavenly Morsel seafood.

Authentic, Delicious, Treasured recipes from my family & the coastal towns of India.

No other cooking class in Melbourne will provide such premium Australian wild-caught seafood or show you such authenticity & variety with Regional Indian Seafood Dishes.
Heavenly Morsel provides the finest fruits of the seas, so you can experience eating like a King (or Queen!).

Each show-stopping recipe takes SKILL & showcases the best of spices . Together with my 20+years of expertise in Indian cooking and centuries of treasured family recipes handed down to me  

The Seafood Masterclass is in person

Jumbo U6 Tiger Prawns, Giant King Prawns, Fresh Barramundi, QLD Swordfish, Australian Squid, Perth Lobster - Heavenly Morsel provides only the best seafood in Australia. 


Please note:

We can cater to different dietary requirements, so please let us know in advance.

Knowledge required:

Beginner-friendly. Perfect for food appreciators to culinary aficionados and everything in between!



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